2X2 Ministry

Committing to praying teams of (2) two. Sharing the gospel using the spiritual law, inviting them to church, discipling them through continued follow-up care.


Meeting Times: 2nd Tuesday in March, June & September

Contact: Either Noel Rodreguez or Ursula Crable

Email: ucrable@aol.com
Email: covenantphotography@yahoo.com

After the Heart of God Ministry

After the Heart of God is an apostolic prophetic voice for Apostle LaFayette Scales, the elders, their families, deacons, ministers, the five-fold ministry, and the Body of Christ within the corporate services. This ministry aims to effectively intercede so that lives are changed, yokes are broken, and souls are miraculously saved, set free, released from bondage of sin, shame and the past. The intercessors of this ministry pray that God's people will come into newness of life, to know as well as understand their purpose and destination in Christ Jesus. Intersessors pray for RCC to be prophetic people in their walk, talk, and lifestyle and that every ministry within the corporate body would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, discerning the move of God, walking in total obedience so that each individual would yield in complete submission to the King of kings, and the Lord of lords. Mission Satement: To continually align and grow with the purpose of Rhema Christian Center according to Eph. 4: 11-16


Meeting Times: Once a month from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Contact: Deborah Maddox and Willie Bryant

Apostolic Prophetic Intersession (API)

Intersession and development of classes for prophetic ministry and spiritual warfare..

Meeting Times: 2nd & 3rd Saturday of every month

Contact: Magnolia Edwards

  • Email: HFW-magnolia@sbcglobal.net
Apostolic Prophetic Ministry (API)

Training of prophetic people for the work of the ministry

Meeting Times: 2nd & 3rd Saturday of every month

Contact: Magnolia Edwards

  • Email: HFW-magnolia@sbcglobal.net

The Baptism team exist to help fulfill the scripture and mission of Rhema Christian Center (Matt 28:18-20 and Mark 16:15-18.). We help prepare and assist candidates for full immersion water baptism.


We are a team who is sincere about serving those who are sincere about making that outward confession of faith

The ministry meets New Life Weekend, every fifth Sunday in between the 8:00 and 11:00 services.


Email: densondus@juno.com

Building Blocks for Growth

We sign new members in to attend Newcomers, Discipleship, and Ministry Prep classes.

Meeting Times: Quarterly - on 2nd Tuesday of March, June, September & December

Contact: Delores Randolph

  • Email: dmrand500@msn.com
Chosen Vessels Women's Ministry

We sign new members in to attend Newcomers, Discipleship, and Ministry Prep classes.

Our Mission: To encourage women spiritually, emotionally, and physically in advancing their lives in Christ

  • Email: genarymax@aol.com
Rhema Deliverance Resource Center (RDRC)

    Ministry Overview:
  • RDRC offers a private setting to individuals who desire to be free from the bondage of darkness. 
  • By casting out devils, according to Mark 16:17, men and women can be emancipated from the results of occult involvements, painful pasts, and generational curses.  Freedom from the torments of fear, bitterness, revenge, and a host of other types of emotional pains are all a part of this magnificent provision of God.


Meeting Times: Third Tuesday of every month

Contact: Maggie Burnes or Jennifer Faison-Hodge

Divorce Care


    Ministry Overview:

We facilitate a support group whereby those who have experienced divorce and/or separation can discover a clear road back to wholeness. 

  • The participants are taken through a 13 week curriculum that includes video watching, workbook activity and group sharing.

Meeting Times: Sunday Evenings 6:00 pm-7:45pm

Contact: Alfred Hinton

First Friday Intercessory Prayer

First Friday Intercessors is a group that comes together once a month to seek the face of God and His will for the church & His people. We commit ourselves to pray for the needs of our church and members of the Body of Christ. We pray for our leaders. Through out the history of this ministry we have witnessed God prove that HIs Word does not return void. We have seen HIm heal, deliver and save many.

Meeting Times: Every 1st Friday of the month

Contact: Jacqueline Golden, Paula Gray

FRIENDS Ministry

To assist every newcomer of Rhema in becoming connected to the church.

Meeting Times: 1st Wednesday of the month

Contact: Deloris Marshall

Gate Keepers Ministry

The GateKeepers have been commissioned by our Apostle to protect the integrity of the Word, to protect everyone who enters the doors of Rhema, and to secure all properties of Rhema.


Contact: Calvin Cunningham


God's Glory and Worshipers Dance Ministry

The ministry's mission is through movement, enter into places the word of God is not easily taken or received. Visually manifest the love of God through the arts and touch the heart of people in such a way that they are drawn into God's saving grace and redeeming power, submitting and surrendering to His will.


Meetings occur weekly; Wednesdays' from 6:00-7:00 pm Thursdays' from 6:00 - 8:30 pm


Contact: Rochelle Pitts

Launch Out

Organize outreach events initializing the members and train them to go out and become fishers of men.


Meeting Times: Mondays @ 7pm

Contact: Jacqueline Taylor, Monica Hart


Vision: To continue to draw our strength and love from the Lord Jesus Christ, so that our arms and hugs will become an extension of His love to each and every person coming in the church doors. To continue to walk in the strength of the Lord and let the outflow of the power of the Holy Spirit always have His way in our lives and in our greeting. To become discerning as we stand at these doors.

Mission: To provide a one-another ministry - a face-to-face, hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart ministry to the people whom we are called to service. The Greeter opens the door kindly church to the ministry of a helpful pastor, and to the potential of a spiritually refreshing worship experience.


Meeting Times: 4th Tuesday @ 6:30 pm

Contact: Shirely Martin

Information Center

Vision: To be warm and inviting to our members and visitors, knowledgeable about Rhema and to make sure our first impression be one that will last. Also, inform our members and visitors about upcoming events, assist with any questions and/or updates.

Mission: The mission of the Information Center Team is to inform our members and visitors of all the upcoming events. Distributing weekly bulletins is one method. Directing people to various areas within our church is another service and updating people about activities within Rhema. The Information Center will help the pastor fulfill the vision God has given him for this church. We will be ready, able and willing to give assistance to our members and guests. Also, when we have guests speakers, the Information Center will be responsible for the selling of their books and tapes. And we will be there to assist in social events given by Rhema.


Meeting Times: Meeting will be scheduled as needed

Contact: Deborah Wade

Justice Ministry

Participants in this ministry have joined members of 52 congregations in Franklin County in confronting injustices and other community ills.

Kingdom Prosperity Ministry

To prosper the Body of Christ so the church can function as a whole.


Meeting Times: Meetings scheduled as needed

Contact: Samuel & Tausha Caliman

Living Word Theater

To fulfill the purpose vision and mission of Rhema Christian Center to reach the lost, train for service and change our world.


Meeting Times: Meetings scheduled as needed

Contact: Sharon Garrett

Marriage Life Department

The Marriage Life Department is designed to be an encouraging ministry to married couples and to help them explore the benefits and joys of a strong marriage.


Meeting Times: Fireproof sessions are every 4th Saturday of the month @ 9am

Contact: Pastor Dan Harris

Master's Touch Ministry

We call the new members establish a friendship, pray for and pray with. Make sure we have given them information. They have missed bring them up on current events.


Meeting Times: Weekly by phone checks to make sure all of us are on the same page.

Contact: Elnora Upshaw

Men's Ministry

Building and developing men through Biblical-based curriculums, relational building activities and recreational events.


Meeting Times: Majoring In Men: Every Mon, Tues, Thurs & Sat @ 7:00 p.m. Building Champions: Every 2nd Sat. of the month @ 9: 00 p.m.

Contact: Al Henry

Ministerial Alliance I & II

The Ministerial Alliance exists to fulfill the purpose, vision, mission and core values of RCC. Through the Ministerial Alliance program, we will help ministers discover, develop and deploy the gift, call and talents to the city, nation, and world.


Meeting Times: We have monthly meeting times from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm on prearranged Sunday evenings for both Ministerial Alliance I and II.

Contact: Anita Dawsome

Overhead Projection Ministry

Entry of song lyrics into song Show Plus, Projection of song video announcements, emergency arrangements onto overhead screens. Build lesson PowerPoint outline.


Meeting Times: Meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:00-7:00pm

Contact: Karen Berkely

Personal Workers

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise. Proverbs11: 30


Ministry Overview:

  • We meet people at the altar and listen to hear, look to see, and sense to feel the purpose for which the Holy Spirit prompted them to respond to the altar call.
  • We pray that the issues of Salvation, Restoration, Baptism with the Holy Spirit, and Church Membership are settled in each person’s life.



Our mission is to effectively communicate the Gospel with ease, confidence and boldness in order to bring the unsaved into a personal relationship with the Savior.

Specific Ministry Requirements:

1. Attend one of our training classes

2. Attend monthly meetings

3. Be ready to serve at all times

4. Born Again and HOLY-GHOST FILLED

5. Effective Prayer Life

6. Gift of Discernment

7. Possess Victory in Manifestation over Habits

8. Good Personal Hygiene


Additional Information about the Ministry:

We have birthed 2 follow up ministries; Master’s Touch and Friend’s Ministry.
We have birthed 2 classes: Personal Workers training classes held quarterly and Holy Spirit; The Promised One held periodically. For more information on the classes, please contact one of the ministry leaders or a personal worker.


Spiritual Gifts:

Personal Workers must have completed all Kingdom Foundation Classes, Personal Workers training, and filled with the Holy Spirit.


Meeting Times: 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm – 7:00pm.



Sandra Leatherbury at sandraleatherbury@yahoo.com
Wayne Wallace at slimgoodie2011@hotmail.com
Kelly Armstrong at karmstr@insight.rr.com


Philip's Ministry

Mission: Our mission is to effectively communicate the Gospel with ease, confidence and boldness in order to bring the unsaved into a personal relationship with the Savior. To fulfillment joel's prophecy of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh to posses the land and win souls.


Meeting Times: 2nd Friday of each month

Contact: Doug Black

Praise & Worship Team

Teach, train, facilitate & equip believers in praise & worship, impacting our city, nation & world.


Meeting Times: Tue. 6:30 - 8:30 Thr. 6:30 - 8:30 Sat. 9:00 - 11:30

Contact: Robert Talley

Praise & Worship - Soloist Ministry

The ministry ministers to the Body of Christ, through solos, instructional music, mime, ministry through sign language.


Meeting Times: Bi-monthly Thurs @ 7:00 p.m.

Contact: Constance Curenton

Prayer Life Ministry

The Prayer Life Ministry of Rhema Christian Center educates, trains and develops RCC members in a lifestyle of prayer. The Body of Christ benefits from the development of a strong prayer culter enabling them to strategically impact their spheres of influenece.

Meeting Times: 2nd Tuesdays per month from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Contact: Carolyn Quinichett

Prison Ministry

We the Rhema Christian Center Prison Ministry will go forth under the power, guidance and influence of the Holy Spirit to minister to those that are incarcerated. We believe through several methods men, women and youth will be won to the Kingdom of God.

Meeting Times: When needed.

Contact: Tammy Smith

Reach Ministry

We’re stronger together - Get in where you fit in! We build meaningful relationships to strengthen our walk in Christ, together. It is our goal to reach out to the career age adults (25-50) at Rhema Christian Center, aiding them to connect to the church and our community through personal follow-up, social media, fellowship, events and service, pointing them to ministry and strengthening their commitment to each other and the church.

Fellowship - 1st Saturday of each month
Bible Study - 4th Thursday of each month at 7pm

  • Contact:
  • facebook.com/reachatrhema
  • Twitter: @reachatrhema
School of the Prophets

We do baby dedications blessings monthly. We prophesy to canidates that signed up for prophetic ministry quarterly. We minister to graduates of Understanding God, we conduct prophetic topics.

Meeting Times: Usually the 3rd Saturday of the month Usually Monday/Tuesday evenings.

Contact: Djuana Williamson

Sound Ministry

The Rhema Sound Ministry setsup sound equipment for events and operates the equipment including playing music and adjusting microphone and instrument sound levels.

Meeting Times: Usually the 3rd Saturday of the month Usually Monday/Tuesday evenings.

Contact: Roger Henry Sr.

Spiritual Gifts Discovery

A class designed to help the members of the Body of Christ to discover and activate their spiritual gifts.

Meeting Times: Tuesdays @ 7pm

Contact: Jacqueline Taylor

Spiritual Warfare Intercession Training Program

To enable Believers, saints of the Most High God, to know and to be continually led by the Holy Spirit and by His Word.


To teach and train Believers how to be continually led by the Holy Spirit in order to consistently be triumphant in warfare and to do great exploits for the Kingdom of God (Daniel 11:32b).

Meeting Times: First Saturday of each month from September - June and 10:00am.

Contact: Dr. Diana Morgan

Understanding God Class

The basic intent of this course is to provide students with a foundation in Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 3:11-14), experience in the truths of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 6:1-2) and the ability to answer every man that asks the hope that is in you. (1 Peter 3:15-17).

Meeting Times: Mondays 6:45 – 8:45 September - March

Contact: Beverly Moore


The usher fulfills the role of "helper" or "Minister." He is an effective servant to all.The Body of Christ as they are able to worship God and be influenced by the move of His Holy Spirit.

Meeting Times: 3rd Saturday of each month 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Contact: Walter Hart

Welcome Center

The minsitry welcomes 1st time visitors to the church and engages

Meeting Times: Meeting about 5 times a year 6:30 - 8:30

Contact: Valeria Davis

Women's Ministry

Equip, engage and encourage women in the Body of Christ to grow in Christ. To love and serve others and reflect the excellence of God.

Meeting Times: Meeting about 5 times a year 6:30 - 8:30

Contact: Anita Dawson

Women With Courage

Any person who has compassion for encouraging women and their children. They must have fulfilled Rhema's membership requirements. Must be committed to training session.

Meeting Times: The ministry usually meets monthly on the fourth Saturday, from 10:30 - 1:00 unless there is a special activity planned at a different time and location.

Contact: Flora Henderson

World Outreach

Is a group of individuals with the calling of missions on their life, who have submitted to the eldership for training and dedication to oversee the work of missions at Rhema. This is done by promoting missions through modeling training and encouragement of church members to be involved in world wide outreach.

Meeting Times: 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Contact: Karen Sue Coleman

Rhema Christian Center

2100 Agler Road
P.0. Box 247198
Columbus, Ohio 43224

  • Phone: (614) 471-9673
  • Fax: (+1) 614-471-7665

Service Times

Saturday Service
6:00 PM

Sunday Service
8:00 AM & 11:00 AM

Wednesday Believers Service
7:00 PM

Sunday Kingdom Foundation Classes
9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

First Monday & Friday of the Month Morning Prayer
6:00 AM - 7:00 AM

First Wednesday Of Each Month
Corporate Prayer
7:00 PM

Rhema K.I.D.S.

Sunday Service -
8:00 am & 11:00 am
Ages 7 months -12 years old

Xtreme Zone
Wednesday - 7:00 pm
Ages 6-12 years old

New Generation

Sunday Services -
8:00 am & 11:00 am
Ages 7th-12 Grade

Office Hours
Monday – Friday - 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Men’s Morning Prayer
First Wednesday of each Month - 6:00 am - 7:00 am